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About our team

Our global associates are driven by achievement and high performance.

 We work with an international team of highly specialized, qualified experts to drive mindset and performance within your organization.

We use our world-class associate network of facilitators and coaches to deliver larger-scale projects. All of our associates are passionate about people and performance, have impressive credentials, are qualified executive coaches and have extensive experience in developing skills, behaviors and mindset that drives performance.

Fiona Roberts

Fiona founded Bia Mindset to support people and organizations to unlock unknown possibilities of human performance that impact business performance. She has a passion for people, development and performance.  


With a background in elite sport, she brings a unique perspective from sport psychology. This knowledge has helped build resilience within leaders, individuals, teams and organizations to be able to thrive under pressure and manage change successfully. 

Bia Mindset Fiona Roberts.jpg

"I truly believe that people are capable of much more than they think if they are willing to put in the effort and are inspired to get there."

Dom Sheldrick BIA Mindset Executive Coach2.jpg

"I am passionate about performance and helping organizations, teams and individuals to explore and drive towards maximizing their potential."

Dominic Sheldrick

Dom has been a Leadership Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator for the past 20+ years. He's typically worked with CEOs, Executive Teams and Senior leaders across the private sector and government in Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific Region including Japan and China. He has extensive experience in the Banking, Mining, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Technology sectors and across a broad range of Government entities.  

Cristina Fink

Cristina competed in two Olympic Games (Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992) and held the Mexican High Jump Record with a 6’4 jump for 22 years.


In the corporate world, she has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to design and deliver programs from emerging leader through to Senior level. ​

Christina Fink Associate BIA Mindset.jpg

"I am passionate about performance. Whether I am working with high-performing athletes or corporate organizations, I believe that when people explore and push their boundaries, they have no limit."

Owen Toms image.png

"I love to encourage individuals to reflect and challenge their ways of working, to realize performance improvements by asking themselves ‘What if…?’

Owen Toms

Owen has led and designed global programs for senior leaders who are making a transition into a more strategic role.  In addition to consulting on communication strategy and digital learning, he coaches and facilitates teams in exceeding their growth targets.

David McGlennen

An entrepreneur with a background in startups and running multi-million dollar budgets where the pace is fast and furious.


David is certified in a multitude of disciplines including Team Coach, Human Behavior, High Performing Culture, and Implementation Specialist with over 5,000 hours of 1:1 coaching experience. He has led and created global Culture and Learning and Development programs for emerging, growing, and executive leaders.

David McGlennen BIA Mindset.jpg

“My mission is to make an impact with leaders of all types to create the life of their dreams, rather than dreaming about life.”

Dr Sandy Dupcak BIA Mindset.jpg

Dr Sandy Dupcak

Sandy has over 25 years of performance psychology and coaching and over 15 years of organizational experience supporting development within all levels of leadership from President and CEO to new managers. 

“I fundamentally believe that people can continue to grow and develop throughout their lives. Helping others discover the roots of behavior, as well as creating and executing behavior change for themselves and others is exciting to me.”

Kiana Laurin Tralongo

Kiana is a forthright, energetic, growth-mindset truth-teller with over 16 years of experience facilitating and coaching successful humans through planning, development and execution. She offers a unique and sometimes challenging perspective while utilizing effective communication, and collaboration, connecting needs to solutions, developing strategic finance resolutions, and building strong relationships.

“When we acknowledge that we play a part in any difficult situation, we become empowered to change it. We are all in choice, all ways and always. I am passionate about fostering creativity, continuous improvement, challenging the status quo, and turning extraordinary thoughts and ideas into implementable action.”

Steve Mellor BIA Mindset.jpg

“It’s my belief that we all have an optimal self that is worth pursuing, the question will always be if we are ready to pursue it. My coaching style serves those curious and ambitious enough to do the work towards realizing their potential. By creating a shared space that is both supportive and challenging for clients, I pride myself on facilitating optimal growth in order to achieve optimal performance.”

Steve Mellor

Steve has over 15 years of experience coaching high performers within Olympic swimming, executive teams, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

Steve provides a personalized approach to workshops on collaboration, leadership, and realizing potential, as well as executive coaching across a multitude of industries and organizations.

Jeremy Lowen

Experienced leadership development and culture transformation consultant with over 11 years in the industry. Has pioneered research on the role of culture in M&A performance through his MSc in Organizational Psychology.

Jeremy Lowen.jpeg

“I believe work should be a place where people can thrive. I help leaders and organizations to create a culture of sustainable high performance they can be proud of.”

Our supporting team

Theresa Ludwick

Theresa joined Bia Mindset as the Operations Manager in May 2022. Her responsibilities include executing successful business strategies for Bia Mindset and their clients, developing efficient operational policies and procedures, and offering day-to-day support to Fiona, the associates and the support team.  

Isaac Titlow BIA Mindset.jpeg

Isaac Titlow 

Isaac provides a complete spectrum of managed IT services and solutions to address challenges by providing advice on strategy and identifying appropriate digital initiatives. His role plays an important part in helping Bia Mindset keep up with the latest changes in the technology landscape.

Big Girl Bia Mindset.jpg

Big Girl AKA 'Big', 'Pudding', 'Bub Bubs'

As Director of Client Relations, Big Girl strives to deliver a memorable experience to all. Big has been an invaluable asset to the team since joining Bia Mindset during the pandemic.

Anne Waddicor Hamish & Milo MD.jpg

Anne Waddicor

Anne provides creative support to Bia Mindset from the website and emails to PowerPoint and client communications - and everything in between. 

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