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About Christina Fink

Christina works with some of the largest companies in the world to design and deliver programs from emerging leaders through to the senior level. 

Cristina is a highly experienced sport psychologist with over 25 years of experience in teaching, counseling and sport administration. In the corporate world, she has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to design and deliver programs. In the sports world, counseling clients include Olympic Medalists and World Champions as well as professional soccer teams. 


Cristina was the Sport Psychologist for several teams in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. Cristina competed in two Olympic Games (Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992) and held the Mexican High Jump Record with a 6’4” (1.94) jump for 22 years. 

Cristina’s coaching expertise in leadership development and performance psychology helps clients advance their personal growth, professional careers and organizational value. She brings a unique blend through her experience in the corporate and sports world.

Christina Fink Associate BIA Mindset.jpg

“I am passionate about performance. Whether I am working with high performing athletes or corporate organizations, I believe that when people explore and push their boundaries, they have no limit. I like to create a safe environment where people feel free to explore and be true to themselves and others. I believe that attention to detail is often overlooked and can be the difference between good and great performances.”


  • Doctoral Degree in Psychology

  • Master of Science in Performance Psychology 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

  • Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Resources

  • Certificate in Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • Certificate in Neurodiversity Pedagogy and Practice

Areas of expertise

  • High Performance Coaching 

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • Team Communication and Team Development 

  • Mental Preparation and Goal Setting 

  • Leadership and Leader Development
    Culture Change

  • Executive Coaching for Transitions

  • Executive and Team Coaching for Change

Client Impact

Technology and Communication Sector

  • Culture change. Executive coaching for individuals and team development interventions to accelerate the creation of a more empowering, flexible culture for sustainable high performance. 

  • The impact was increased individual leadership effectiveness and enhanced impact; several individuals achieved promotionor nomination to next promotion process. The culture survey demonstrated positive shifts in accountability, connection, growth mindset, purpose, trust in leadership and psychological safety.

Nutritional Sector

  • Executive and team coaching for change. Executive coaching to the Operations Vice President leaders to support an office move and transition to agile working. Objectives were to drive cross-functional cooperation and increase employee and customer engagement.

  • The impact resulted in happier and more productive employees, a high number reporting more opportunities to network with colleagues, most agreeing they were more productive, and increased customer satisfaction results.

Hospitality Sector

  • Accelerating growth. Executive coaching for Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents to enhance individual value and work more effectively across functions to accelerate business growth. Both individual and team-level coaching.

  • Resulting in an increased individual leadership effectiveness. Organisational restructure to streamline teams and increase productivity to exceed business growth targets.

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