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About Bia Mindset

Bia Mindset develops people, teams, and culture in mission-driven organizations

Bia Mindset was founded by Fiona Roberts to support organizations to unlock unknown possibilities of human performance that impact business performance. 



In Greek mythology, Bia (/ˈbaɪə/Ancient Greek: Βία /ˈvi.ɑː/; Bia was the Goddess of force, power, might, strength and compulsion - a companion to Zeus alongside her siblings Nike, Kratos and Zelus.


Often described as the silent goddess, Bia’s role in Greek mythology cannot be understated as the one who had the power and strength to help Zeus. Her story resonates and aligns with our values and expertise in elite sport - drawing on our own force, power, and strength to fulfill our potential and truly believe in ourselves. 


When required to perform in sport, under pressure and wanting to succeed, it is all up to us. We've found this to be true in every aspect of life, and it's the same human qualities we apply to performance and build resilience. We help raise your awareness of your own force, power and strengths which enables you to make better choices and see the impact it has on the end result. 

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Having competed in netball at a high level and being on a scholarship for her sport, Fiona experienced what it was like to be in a high-pressured environment where you needed to not only perform at your best to get selected but also support the performance of others around you to win as a team, in order to outperform your competitors.


She observed that it was less about the physical skills and talent you had when you competed at that level and more about your mindset. How does what you are thinking and feeling effect how you perform and the role you have? Are you able to thrive in those pressure moments and more importantly, how do you train your mindset to achieve success?

When we tap into our hidden potential, we go beyond what we thought was possible by not restricting ourselves. That is what can unleash a huge amount of potential, going beyond what we thought was possible by not restricting ourselves. In business, our personal lives, and in sport, developing the right mindset in ourselves and others is key to driving sustainable high performance. Having challenging conversations, providing the right feedback, and giving high levels of support that put people at the heart who will then deliver results.

Whether you’re looking to develop your leadership capability, expand your talent pipeline or implement cultural change, Bia Mindset can support you. We connect your people to your purpose and values, resulting in a more engaged, adaptable, and focused organization. We focus on building resilient leaders, teams and cultures that sustain high performance.


Want to know more about Bia Mindset and how we align solutions with your business objectives and deliver sustainable results?  Give us a shout, we’d love to speak with you.  

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Bia Mindset is a coaching and consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco with a network of worldwide performance coaches, consultants and facilitators that help organizations develop the skills and mindset of their people, to achieve their full potential.

Global people development solutions

We have the ability to work locally and with global organizations. We help you build inclusive cultures across regions, genders and backgrounds.

We partner with you and design programs that align with your company's vision to deliver a high-performance environment for your people to excel in and that can accelerate's business results.

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