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About Jeremy Lowen

Jeremy is a business psychologist with over a decade of experience helping organizations create sustainable high-performance cultures.

Jeremy passionately believes work should be a place where people thrive; where they can develop, find meaning, feel like they belong and are empowered to deliver amazing things. 
He has been fortunate enough to spend 10 years at Lane4, and 2 years as a Senior Manager at EY, working with a range of clients to help them overcome their greatest challenges. He has a track record to be proud of, developing bespoke solutions, underpinned by the psychology of performance. This includes global leadership development programs in a range of industries, culture assessment and development consulting, and senior leadership team facilitation. He draws from his Masters in Organizational Psychology to offer a robust, yet practical and engaging approach. 
His research interest lies in organizational culture change through Mergers & Acquisitions. His work showcases evidence-based strategies to unlock value in your M&A through culture. 

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“I believe work should be a place where people can thrive. I help leaders and organizations to create a culture of sustainable high performance they can be proud of.”

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