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About Big Girl

AKA 'Big', 'Pudding', 'Bub Bubs'

As Director of Client Relations, Big Girl strives to deliver a memorable experience to all. Big has been an invaluable asset to the team since joining Bia Mindset during the pandemic.


Through licks, sniffs, and sideway glances, Big has 10 years of experience putting smiles on faces and slobber on floors.


Although she can be found napping under the desk during quiet hours, her curiosity and spunky energy keeps her at the ready to socialize with all sorts of friends, including other dogs, children and to her bemusement - cats!


Her favorite pastimes include tug of war, stealing other toys, chasing mice and meeting the locals.


We are happy to have her onboard!


P.S. She will work for tummy scratches, all the jerkies (lamb, salmon, chicken - you name it), and your entree.

Big Girl BIA Mindset Customer Services.jpg
Big Girl Bia Mindset.jpg
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