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About Isaac Titlow

Isaac provides a complete spectrum of managed IT services and solutions including supporting Bia Mindset's Virtual events.

Isaac and Fiona have been colleagues for over 13 years.   Isaac is the founder of Techs-Up and has been supporting Bia Mindset with keeping their business safe, productive and profitable through the smart use of technology since early 2022. 

Isaac provides a complete range of managed IT services and solutions to address challenges by providing advice on strategy and identifying appropriate digital initiatives. His role plays an important part in helping Bia Mindset keep up with the latest changes in the technology landscape, and provides real-time technical support necessary to adapt to a digital workplace.

He provides technical support to Bia Mindset's Virtual events and has supported hundreds over the years using various platforms including Teams and Zoom.

When not competing in the technology race, Isaac enjoys running and exploring the stunning landscapes of the Irish countryside and spending family time with his wife and two young children.

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