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About Steve Mellor

Steve is an Executive Coach with 15 years’ experience in facilitating optimal growth to achieve individual and collective optimal performance.  

Steve has 15 years of coaching those performing at the top of their field within business and sports, having worked firsthand with executive teams, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and world-class athletes.


His journey has taken him from being a top-50 world-ranked swimmer to coaching athletes to Olympic glory, before becoming an executive coach, facilitator, and professional speaker already trusted by more than 20 organizations in the space of 2 years of business ownership.


Steve’s coaching allows for the creation and application of a growth mindset so that clients start to see their true potential while exploring the necessary steps and accountability required to realize it.  


In October of 2022, Steve became an author with his debut release SHOCK THE WORLD! A Competitor’s Guide to Realizing Your Potential which takes readers on a journey of evoking and challenging insights to fuel the pursuit of potential. 


The purpose of Steve’s work is to inject purpose into his clients, and it’s his continued pursuit of his optimal self as a husband, father, coach, business owner, author, and podcast host that clients love about working with him. 

Steve Mellor BIA Mindset.jpg

“It’s my belief that we all have an optimal self that is worth pursuing, the question will always be if we are ready to pursue it. My coaching style serves those curious and ambitious enough to do the work towards realizing their potential. By creating a shared space that is both supportive and challenging for clients, I pride myself on facilitating optimal growth in order to achieve optimal performance.”


  • Master of Science in Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Former Olympic Swim Coach (USA, Tokyo 2020)

  • Author - SHOCK THE WORLD! A Competitor’s Guide to Realizing Your Potential

  • Certificate in Improving Business through a Culture of Health

  • Certificate in LEAD1x: Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

  • ICF Accredited Coach 


  • 15 years experience coaching high performers within Olympic swimming, executive teams, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

  • Former top-50 world-ranked swimmer over a 4-year period (2005 - 2008) who represented his country of Great Britain at the senior international level

  • Provided executive coaching to business owners and executive teams of companies with 8-digit annual revenue •

  • Interviewed over 150 highly-established professionals as the podcast host of Career Competitor over a five-year period

  • Accumulated over 500 hours of 1:1 executive coaching in less than 2 years of business

  • Provided personalized workshops on collaboration, leadership, and realizing potential to groups of 10-20 across multiple companies

Client Impact

  • Led Executive Leadership Development for a five-person executive team over a 6-month period for Coweta County Water & Sewage Authority. Coached participants on specific pain points within their departments to enable growth. Provided the space for participants to establish a process to produce change and improvements. This also facilitated the executive team to establish a new mission statement towards how they better serve the organization, along with a more detailed process for communication within the company both within their respective departments and across the organization

  • Provided Executive Coaching & Culture Consulting to Primerica/Bill Whittle & Associates to develop a leadership approach to compliment multiple generations of personnel. Coached their leaders on collaborative techniques to fuel greater team efforts between base shops. This raised accountability of the leaders to invest in themselves and strive for personal growth

  • Developed, designed and delivered a 10-part Workshop Series - Realizing Your Potential for Mainspring Companies. Over 6 months each chapter of SHOCK THE WORLD! A Competitors Guide to Realizing Your Potential was covered in an in-person workshop to a 15-person leadership team. Delivered content that covered personal, process, and performance development to fuel growth as individuals, as servant leaders, and as a collective organization

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